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Many people think that having a spray tan before you jet off on your summer holidays is a bad idea, they couldn’t be more wrong. I often get asked “Won’t it go streaky in the pool” or “Will I come back paler” and “Can I still tan through my spray tan”

Summer Tanning

There are so many myths surrounding pre-holiday spray tans and I think a lot of people get put off with all the negative information that is available to you on the internet. I am a avid spray tan user as sunbeds are a big no no for me as skin cancer runs in my family.

If you start your holiday with a golden glow you are less likely to “Panic-tan” which could result in you burning your skin and ruining your holiday. If you have ever had sun burn we all know how painful it can be.

We use St Tropez tanning solution which will gradual fade over the first couple of days and eventually you will have a nice natural tan in its place.

Here are some of the questions I get asked throughout the summer relating to…

Will my tan go streaky in the pool?

No your tan won’t go streaky in the pool as it will have already developed by the time you arrive at your holiday destination.

Will I still tan through my fake tan and do I still need to wear sun cream?

Yes, you will still tan through the spray tan, so it’s very important to remember that although the spray tan will give you a golden glow it won’t offer you any form of sun protection. Its vital you wear a sunscreen with a factor of 30+ to protect your skin.

Will I come back paler than when I left?

It all depends on how much sunbathing you are doing on your holiday, if you are tanning everyday then, yes you will come back with a deeper darker tan. Remember to always apply after sun at the end of the day to keep your skin moisturised and the tan will last longer.

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