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Bright and bold unicorn nails

Although unicorn colours have been a popular trend for a little while now (if you’ve not checked out unicorn macarons and hot chocolate, we recommend you do!), unicorn nails, or uni-nails are the newest addition to the craze, and we simply can’t get enough!

We think that nail art is an easy and fun way to let your personality shine through, and if you love glittery, shiny, bright and eye-catching designs and colours – you’re in luck!

Bright and bold nails

Showing off your nails

Showing off your unicorn nails

Most commonly achieved by using a holographic powder over the top of a base colour, your end result is a beautiful shimmery effect, which under sunlight gleams all the colours of the rainbow.

However, the beauty of uni-nails is that you can go crazy with your colours and choices, from accent nails and glitter, through to ombré nail designs with your favourite shades; the possibilities are endless. You can even go as far as adding small cuts of holographic foil to the tips of the nail, which can depict a stunning icy effect (when done on a clear base), or go all out and double up on the dazzle, adding the foil to a glittery base!

Why not go 3D?

3D unicorn nails are also a newer trend that we absolutely adore – choose your accent nail and the grooves and swirl of a unicorn horn are worked into shape on the nail (this can be done with acrylic and gel). What you’re left with is an incredible multi-dimensional effect which we’re confident you won’t be able to stop staring at!

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