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What to expect from your lash treatment

We offer a wide range of lash extensions that are suitable to each individual lash treatment. From lash lifts, classic lash extensions to full volume sets. Our dedicated lash technicians are trained to provide each unique service to a high standard and pay special attention to each client.

Here at The Boutik Salon we pride ourselves on giving each client the best possible experience and walking through the salon doors with a smile.

We have created a beautiful new lash room to provide you with the best service experience; luxurious new lash chairs that fully recline, soft lighting and a peaceful tranquillity experience so you can forget the outside world and completely relax!

Modern eyelash extensions are composed of single extensions attached to your existing eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive. These eyelashes come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. Lash extensions are lightweight and comfortable.

Lash extensions are one of life’s most magical inventions! Before lash extensions all we had was mascara. When you have lash extensions, all faffing around with applying and removing mascara is out the window and you can gain an extra 5 minutes in bed!

From the moment you wake up, your lashes look perfectly done.

How do lash extensions work?

Your lash technician will ALWAYS require you to have a patch test carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment. This is a great way to have a chat about what your looking for.

Once your appointment date has arrived, your lash technician will get you comfortable, clean and prepare your lashes and talk you through the steps of the treatment.

First a sticky pad is applied to the bottom lashes so it is easier to see what they are doing. The process of applying each individual lash extension is absolutely painless, in fact many people say it is relaxing and fall asleep.

Each individual lash extension is attached to the base of your natural lash, not touching your eyelids or causing any irritation.

Lash extensions being applied

How long does a lash treatment take?

Each lash technician will have different timing scales. Every client is different and has different amounts of natural lashes, it also depends on the style of lashes you are going for.

Some lash technicians can complete a full set in just over an hour, others can take 2 hours. If your lucky enough to have a lot of natural lashes, your treatment time will be slightly longer to ensure each individual lash is covered.

Please remember the amount of natural lashes you have depends on the amount of lash extensions applied.

How long do lash extensions last?

Aftercare is key to keeping your lashes looking amazing! Your lash technician will tell you about aftercare in your consultation and again after each treatment. Regular infills are recommended from 1-3 weeks depending on how you feel your lashes are looking, your lash technician will be able to give you a good understanding of this after your first infill.

Lashes being applied

Classic, Ellipse, Hybrid, Volume or Russian?

It’s hard to decide what look your going for, always bring pictures to your consultations so we can discuss your desired look. If you want a more natural look then you can’t beat classic lashes, to enhance your natural lashes. If your someone that enjoys looking glam and fabulous most of the time maybe volume would be more suitable for you.

Classic Lash Extensions

Consists of one lash extension to one natural lash. This allows you to achieve a natural enhancement. Classic lash extensions offer an even lash line that opens up the eye. It helps you look like you’ve got mascara on from the minute you wake up and builds on your natural lash beauty.

Ellipse Lash Extensions

Ellipse lashes are great for a fuller look without adding too much weight to the natural lash. It is still one lash extension to one natural lash, due to a flatter base they are lighter and softer. Ellipse lashes are great for those that want classic lashes with a little more volume.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are a combination of two different lash applications; classic and volume. One classic lash extension to one natural lash and then one volume lash extension to one natural lash. Hybrids offer a varied texture and more volume.

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lash extensions vary from a natural look which adds length and volume. Multiple lash extensions are applied to one natural lash, each extension is extremely light and create a fluffy soft appearance that does not cause any damage to your natural lashes when applied correctly.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian lash application is an advanced form of lashing and is a fine art of picking up multiple lashes and creating a fan to place on the natural lashes. Not using any pre-made fans. Time wise, volume lashing takes much longer.

Lashes by Amy & Becci

What are the benefits of Lash Extensions

– Adds length & volume
– Enhances your eyes
– Lightweight & comfortable
– Saves time with mascara & strip lashes!

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