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Nail Art is back!

Bringing back old trends and introducing some new ones, 2022 is looking very exciting when it comes to nail art. Spring will soon be upon us and the runways appearing colourful with a range of floral designs making an entrance.

Nail art at The Boutik

Small details like a feature nail or going for the full set, floral design will be very effective plus seasonal. With many ways to achieve this look such as hand painting, stickers or stamps, this is a look to take spring by storm. 

Floral nail art design

Making a rumble in the jungle for 2018 is animal prints… meeeooow… or should that be grrrrrrr!!!! Tiger and leopard nails are becoming more popular and we are already seeing people requesting full sets rather than just the single nail. Detailed hand painted nail art designs are a must so you can be sure to see much more of the jungle through 2018.

Nail art design at The Boutik
Nail art design at The Boutik

With all these trends coming back apparently the chunkier the better! Big embellishments are making a bang with everyone going crazy for these ‘out there’ looks on the runway. No longer less is more… the more the better! Even with a subtle nude colour as your base top coat we are expecting more people to upgrade with a big bad diamond or two, or three… heck lets go crazy bling me up!

Nail art design
Nail art design

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for more nail art trends coming our way in 2022 so look out to hear more from us very soon.

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