How To Get Longer And Stronger Nails Using BIAB

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Like you, we love a good excuse to spoil ourselves, and there’s no better one than pampering your nails. We’ve all been tempted by the promise of stronger, longer, healthier nails – but it’s not always easy to know who to trust. In this article we discuss BIAB, what it is and the benefits of having a nail extensions treatment with BIAB.

What is BIAB?

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is the flagship polish of The Gel Bottle. It’s a pigmented, flexible, strengthening gel that can be built up to create a beautiful shiny and even nail. It contains a base and primer in the gel itself so not only does it strengthen, it also nourishes the natural nail. BIAB can be used alone or as an extension of your natural nail for extra strength. As it comes in many nude shades, it’s often used as a standalone product too.

BIAB Nails

What are the benefits of BIAB?

BIAB can create looks reminiscent of our favourite classic gel manicures or nail extensions—but what are the benefits for your natural nails? If you love the look of gel manicures, but don’t want to subject your natural nails to harsh chemicals then BIAB is your answer. BIAB gels are formulated with the same ingredients found in other salon treatments, and can create unique nail designs – or imitations of gel manicures. The good news: stylists can use them over and over again.

Who is BIAB suitable for?

BIAB’s nail extensions are a great solution to many nail problems, including thin nails, brittle nails and damaged nails. They can also be built up to create an extension where length might have been lost from biting. BIAB is much stronger and resistant to biting than natural nails, which means your nails will be able to (finally) recover and grow longer if your a nail biter.

BIAB Nails

How long does BIAB last?

The BIAB treatment only lasts around three to four weeks, then it can be either soaked off and re-done, or infilled. To fully restore the nails to a perfect look, we’d recommend regular appointments every 2-3 weeks.

BIAB Aftercare – what you should and shouldn’t do?

Avoid excessive heat (tanning beds, hot baths, hot tubs and doing the dishes) for at least 24 hours after your appointment. Use cuticle oil every day to keep the nails well hydrated and to stimulate nail growth. Always wear gloves when doing housework& gardening, and wash your hands if you have come into contact with chlorine, bug spray, or sunscreen. If you want to remove the product from your nails, go back to the salon – never try to pick off or remove it yourself as this can damage the nail bed.

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