Bio Sculpture

Are you looking for a nail treatment that not only enhances your natural nails but also nourishes and strengthens them? Look no further than Bio Sculpture at The Boutik in Plymouth, a revolutionary nail system that combines beauty and health in perfect harmony.

Bio Sculpture is more than just a manicure or pedicure — it’s a transformative experience that promotes the overall well-being of your nails. It is a gel nail treatment that sets itself apart by prioritising the health and vitality of your natural nails. 

With its advanced formula and innovative techniques, Bio Sculpture offers a unique and sustainable solution for achieving beautiful and long-lasting nails.

Bio Sculpture

Beautiful, Long-lasting Nails

Discover the perfect harmony of style and durability with Bio Sculpture. Our gel nail treatment enhances your natural nails, providing a flawless and chip-resistant finish that lasts for weeks. Experience nails that stay beautiful, no matter what life throws your way.

Bio Sculpture

Nurturing Nail Health

Your nail health is our priority. Bio Sculpture is a gentle and nourishing gel nail system that strengthens and protects your natural nails. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and drilling. Embrace a treatment that promotes nail growth, minimises breakage, and leaves your nails healthier and more resilient.

Bio Sculpture

Endless Creativity & Versatility

Express your unique style with Bio Sculpture. Choose from our wide range of gel colours and indulge in vibrant hues or sophisticated neutrals. Whether you prefer a natural look or intricate nail art, Bio Sculpture offers endless possibilities to unleash your creativity. Elevate your nails to a stunning work of art.

Bio Sculpture Nail Menu

Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure Over Natural Nails



Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions


(90 mins)

Bio Sculpture Soak Off & Bio Gel Manicure


(90 mins)

Bio Sculpture Soak Off & Bio Full Set


(120 mins)

Example Bio Sculpting Work

Vegan Friendly

We like to ensure as many of our products are vegan friendly, so you can relax in the knowledge that we’re conscious and caring about your needs.

100% Natural

We only use 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients on your skin which help to lock in moisture and promote a wonderful healthy glow.

Cruelty Free Products

Animal lovers can rest assured that none of our products are tested on animals. We are proud to be a cruelty-free beauty salon.

British Brands

We love to support our fellow British beauty brands, so we always do our utmost to ensure we’re buying from UK suppliers.

Safe Space

We always go the extra mile with everything we do, so you’ll enjoy a safe and welcoming space to fully unwind and relax at our dedicated beauty spa.

Anti-Ageing Experts

Our team of anti-ageing experts are on hand to help you look and feel your very best. If you want to refresh and revitalise your skin, we’re here to help.

Bio Sculpture FAQs

Remember, these FAQs are designed to provide reassurance and address common concerns. If you have any specific questions or additional concerns, Elly our bio sculpture nail tech will be more than happy to provide personalised guidance and support during your nail treatment at The Boutik.

Bio Sculpture is a gel nail treatment that focuses on enhancing the natural nails while promoting their health and strength.

A Bio Sculpture treatment can last anywhere between two to four weeks, depending on various factors like nail growth and aftercare.

No, Bio Sculpture is designed to be gentle on the natural nails. It does not involve harsh chemicals or drilling, minimizing the risk of damage.

Yes, Bio Sculpture can be used to create nail extensions if desired. The gel is applied to create a strong and flexible extension that seamlessly blends with your natural nails.

With extensions we offer a full cover gel tips applied using an LED light and Gel.

The BIO SCULPTURE Full Cover Tip system uses soft gel adhesion technology to bring you the strongest most comfortable tips using pioneering technology for a bespoke manicure experience.

Unlike traditional gel or acrylic nails, Bio Sculpture focuses on nail health and does not require drilling or aggressive filing. It nourishes and strengthens the natural nails.

Yes, you can wear regular nail polish over Bio Sculpture gels. However, it is recommended to use non-acetone polish removers and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain the longevity of the gel.

It is recommended to have a professional nail technician remove Bio Sculpture gel nails to ensure safe and proper removal without causing damage to the natural nails.

Yes, Bio Sculpture is beneficial for weak or brittle nails as it provides a protective layer that helps prevent breakage and promotes nail strength and growth.

Bio Sculpture is generally safe for pregnant women and individuals with allergies. However, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional or perform a patch test beforehand.

Absolutely! Bio Sculpture offers a wide range of gel colors and finishes, allowing for various nail art and design possibilities to suit your personal style and preferences.

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