Hair Extensions - A Choice of 4 Different Types of Extensions

Hair extensions are a perfect option if you want to add length and volume to your hair instantly. People have been using this for many years, but these days there are so many options on the market. It can all get a bit confusing.

With such a wide choice, some are for short term purposes and others for the long term, and each comes with a range of choices to suit your needs. Different types of hair extensions can also vary in the time taken to apply to extensions, the length of time they will last as well as the ongoing maintenance needed to keep them looking great.

It’s important to understand what type of hair extension you are looking as a specific type may not be suitable for you.

In this article our we explores the different types of hair extensions available on the market and give you the insight into the pros and cons of each of the methods available at The Boutik salon.

Hair Extensions Options at The Boutik Salon

Nano & Micro Ring Extensions

Nano or micro ring extensions are typically used to create volume and/or length for a client. Both are a popular choice if you are looking to have extension applied for long term wear. For volume it’s recommended to use between 100 and 150 strands of hair and for the length up to 300 strands. We do not recommend this type of hair extensions for those clients with with fine or fragile hair.


- Suitable for coarse hair
- Lasts up to 4 to 6 months with in salon care and maintenance
- Add colour without the use of chemicals
- Hair can be reused which can be a great cost saving


    - 80% of damage occurs after the 8th week of wear.
    - The longer you go without maintenance the greater the chance of breakage. (Maintenance is essential)
    - Can be a more expensive type of hair extension due to time taken with application
    - Can be uncomfortable and cause headaches for the first few days.
    - If fitted incorrectly the beads can be visible

      Weft Hair Extension

      Ideally used for coarse thick hair and sewn in on either a flat track or a braid. The weight of the weft is distributed over a large area so therefore causes less stress damage to the hair. These long human hair extensions are very versatile, made using 100% human hair and can be glued in, sewn or clipped depending on your preference.


      - Oil and silicone based products can be used
      - No heat required and no sticky glue
      - Quick and easy method of application when fitting
      - Maintenance is needed at around 6-8 weeks from fitting
      - We recommended this extension type for short hair


        - Styling options are reduced due to potential exposure of the Weft tracks within the hair line 
        - If the hair isn’t washed correctly bacteria can build up underneath the track or braid

        Hair Extensions Hair Colour Options

          Keratin Pre-Bond Extensions

          Keratin is a protein based product and is very kind on the hair, making it popular with customers. Bond extensions are a safe method of applying extensions by sealing a small keratin bond around the natural hair. Around 20 to 40 strands of real human hair is used with the bond.


          - Most durable method but having the correct in salon -maintenance is vital
          - Can last up to a whopping 6 months
          - Keratin dries clear so visibility of the bond is reduced compared to other extension types
          - Blends perfect with natural hair for a great looking finish


            - Lengthy application time to apply the hair extensions
            - Hair is sadly not reusable which is more costly in the longer term
            - If not removed correctly you can be left with keratin in your hair

              Tape In Hair Extensions

              Applied using double sided tape and sandwiched between 2 thin sections of natural hair. Tape on hair extensions are a great choice if its is speed of application you need and will give you strong, long and shining hair in less than one hour.


              - Perfect for fine hair
              - No damage to existing hair
              - Reusable hair saving you money
              - Refitted every 6 to 8 weeks in salon
              - Fast method of application
              - Most comfortable type of hair extension
              - No heat required
              - Easiest method of application


              - Weft Extension are limited to 6 weeks before maintenance is required
              - Due to the tape glue you are limited with cleaning and conditioning of the hair

              Before & After Hair Extensions

                This article barely scratches the surface with regards to Hair Extensions, but if you have made it this far then hopefully you have learnt a bit more about the pros & cons of the different hair extensions options available here at The Bouik salon. If you wish to explore further then please discover our services or get in touch with our expert hair team.

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                A consultation is always required for hair extensions. Get in touch to see how our hair team can assist in making your hair flips even more fabulous.


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