Faby is coming town!   |  The Boutik

Let me introduce you to Faby- Italian couture for nails.


Towards the end of 2015 I got the news that palms extra would be becoming the UK distributor for faby. as one of their educators this was exciting news and its always a great opportunity to be able to get to know a new product and to be able to educate other nail techs in something new and exciting.

I started to do my own research on Faby as I didn’t really know much about the product or the company and I was quickly very impressed with what I was seeing,reading and hearing of Faby.

I love the fact that Faby do not test on animals and are vegan friendly. All the products that are currently used in my studio are animal curltey free, so I new this product would fit in well and be loved by all my clients. All products bar one are 5 free and The lacquering gel is TPO free.


The first product range that I am introducing to The Boutik is Faby’s Lacquering Gel.
I am currently wearing Faby’s red lacquering gel and it feels so light and smooth. It applies easily and has a really high shine. The brush is smaller than I am used to but I actually really like it and find it much easier to paint with. The lacquering gel can be cured under LED or UV lamps you just have to alter the setting time for which ever one you use. I have a couple of my clients also testing out Faby’s red and they all love the look and feel of this product.

Lacquering gel can be purchased in six piece collections or separately. For more information on Faby go to http://www.palmsextra.com also stop by their Facebook page Faby UK.


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