Lash Lifting vs Lash Extensions for Summer 2017

As your summer holiday draws closer you are probably dreading the usual summer nightmares when it comes to maintaining that essential holiday look. What’s the best way to deal with your mascara in the hot summer heat? How do you deal with the annoying pool-side panda eyes you are constantly having to check.

Imagine if that could all be a thing of the past this summer...

Lashes by Lois from The Boutik in Plymouth

We offer two treatments that could really help you this summer.  If you’re looking for that natural lash look then the lash lift and tint treatment is perfect. If you wish for a more dramatic or classic lash look then lash extensions are the way forward.

To help you make your decision we have worked out the positives of each treatment...

Lash lift and tint treatment

  • Looks natural and as if you are wearing mascara (without the panda eyes)
  • No maintenance is needed
  • The look will last up to 8-10 weeks, perfect for the summer holiday period
  • Lashes will also be tinted

Lash extensions

  • You can pick the type of lash look you would like
  • Can look absolutely beautiful when done correctly (by us of course!)
  • Can add length and thickness to your lashes
  • Lash extensions need to be maintained with infills every two-three weeks by your lash artist to keep them looking perfect.
  • If you fancy a change in style or would like them removed all together our lash artist will be on hand to do this

When researching the types of lashes you would like for the summer always look at before & after pictures and reviews. We have many examples on our Facebook page to preview. Please pick your lash artists carefully, as a bad set of lashes could ruin your holiday. Once you have selected the type of look you require our lash artist will help you through the next steps.

We take your welfare & your personal care seriously and always perform a patch test 48hrs before your appointment to give you peace of mind. This only applies to new customers or those changing lash technology.

Lashes by Lois from The Boutik in Plymouth

Both these treatments are currently on offer throughout with great savings!

  • Save up to 10% - LASH LIFT & TINT - Now £30
  • FULL SET of Eyelash Extensions PLUS a 2 Week Infill - Save 10% - Now only £60

    For more information on each of these treatments and more get in touch:

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