Love for Lobs and Ice Cream Colours

Long bobs

Chances are you’ve seen one or two long bobs, or ‘lobs’ recently, most likely on some stylish celebrity A-listers such as Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Rihanna – and you guessed it, it’s another trend we’re very excited about this year!

It’s a super-sassy cut that works for pretty much anyone, and works on so many levels. You could go for a sleek and sophisticated graduated cut, a one length fits all or choppy bangs, there really aren’t any rules to achieving this look. Although, we have to admit we have a soft spot for a wavy lob, especially when you chuck in a bit of balayage too.

Example Lobs as shown on

A practical hairstyle, you say

That’s right! One of the great things about a lob, is that not only have you got a great on-trend hairstyle that looks fabulous when styled straight, wavy, curly, and everything in between, but also it’s still long enough to get into a pony when you’re just chilling at home, or hitting the gym – easy!

Ice cream brightens everyone’s day

Love ice cream? We don’t think we’ve met anyone yet who doesn’t, and for the more adventurous hair devils out there, have you thought about ice cream hair colours? Very cute, very summery and in some cases wonderfully subtle, this idea is one where you add one, or more popularly, a variety of pastel-shade colours into your locks.

Icecream Hair

Blues, pinks, purples and greens are among our favourite shades, which when used together create a beautiful effect which you might’ve heard as ‘mermaid’ hair. You could also choose to blend a whole variety of different shades into your locks to create an explosion of pastel colour, sometimes referred to as unicorn hair; both of these styles are perfect if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind that is sure to turn heads!


Love the idea of beautifully bright hair but want to adopt a more subtle approach? Then this one’s for you. Once you’ve chosen your favourite colours, they’re applied into the middle or underneath layers of your hair, but still keeping a natural colour on top. This means when you style your locks, you’ll reveal beautiful flashes of colour!  

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