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Ombré hair

What is ombré, and how does it differentiate from balayage?

Two highly talked about trends for 2017, the chances are that you’ve heard of both ombré and balayage hair, but what exactly is the difference? Upon first glance, you might think they look fairly similar, but when you delve a little further, balayage means to ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’ the hair, whereas ombré focuses on a bolder, dark to light shadow effect.

Unsurprisingly, ombré is another French word (as that’s what 2017 is all about!), which translates directly as ‘shadow’, and the idea behind this popular style is that from the root, the hair gradually blends from darker to lighter in quite a noticeable fashion. This makes it a fantastic choice for brunettes, however that’s not to say it doesn’t work on other hair colours too. Balayage, however, you’ll find adopts a more natural effect, giving your locks a more sun-kissed look, so if you think this might be more for you, have a read about balayage here

Ombré hair

For an ombré that’s a little more subtle

Although we’re huge fans of ombré, we appreciate that bold colour changes are not for everyone… and that’s where sombré hair comes in. Still taking on board the same principles of graduating your colour from darker to lighter, sombré is a much softer take. Clients who opt for this style will achieve a subtle transition, which adds dimension to your locks, whilst maintaining a more natural look. Sombré is a great option for blondes, as you can inject some depth to your hair without having to go darker (or already be darker) at the roots.

You’ll be pleased to know that sombré or ombré also works wonderfully for red heads, as we’ve showcased.



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