Tackling your Jungle Hair during Lockdown

As the lockdown continues, many of our amazing customers in Plymouth have been in touch to wish all our hairdressers well. For many they also cannot wait to get their lockdown jungle hair fixed when restrictions are lifted and the salon can hopefully reopen.

We’ve had a couple of selfies sent through and, although with good humour, we won’t be sharing them this time!

We’ve seen a lot of people, including some of our own customers, give it a go whether it’s a quick trim or a box colour. Whilst many people cannot access hair stylists it is completely understandable and hey, why not give it a go yourself. The TickTok generation has arrived, so pull those scissors out of the draw, and let us see those homemade hair dressings restyles.

With the boredom of quarantine and the knowledge that many of you won’t be seeing any of our hair stylists this does give you the chance to perhaps try something new.

We’ve seen lots of Plymouth salons asking for people to ‘wait for your hairstylists’ and it's a fair point. In all honesty though we know that when it comes to it what's the worst that can happen? Well perhaps quite a lot, but at the end of lockdown our hairdressers are going to be more than happy to fix anything!

 Crazy hair in lockdown

Tackling That Lockdown Jungle Hair

If you are attempting to do your own hair though please consider these points before you do something that you might seriously regret. It’s worth taking advantage of some of these hair tips before tackling your lockdown jungle hair.

A hair braid or bun. Why not consider a simple braid or bun to change up your style and hide those roots which might be showing through.

Using headbands or scarves. Have you thought about using headbands or scarves to cover up your roots.
For a temporary look you could try a touch-up root hair spray, although this is only a temporary measure and shouldn’t be continuously used.

Consider some hair TLC. Use the time to give your hair some well deserved TLC. Why not do everything you can to repair the hair from historical heat or colour damage. Use a moisture rich hair product like Olaplex No 3 to treat the hair.

Condition your hair. If you are looking to go blond then now is a great time to condition your hair in preparation for this change. Again Olaplex No 3 is perfect for this.

Wash your hair less. Consider going longer between washing your hair. You will find your hair will be less oily over time as you stop stripping away the natural essential oils your scalp produces.

Limit heat styling. If you can, limit heat styling with the use of hair tools such as straighteners. Use this time to give your hair that extra TLC to improve its condition.

Go natural with your curls. Let your natural hair show its true curls, you never know, you might love them.

Give it a go. If you’re determined to give it a go and cut or colour your hair, make sure you follow an online guide from a reputable stylist. Check they are well followed and see what the engagement and comments are like. If it’s a blog article or video and see what others are saying.

The box dye. If you are going to box dye your hair then so be it, but make sure you follow the instructions carefully and keep your expectations low.

So there you go. These tips are just a few of our thoughts or recommendations and we really do understand how challenging this period is. We could ask you to wait, but we also appreciate that we all want to feel good even in the difficult period. Your hair can very much affect your appearance and consequently your well-being. We are all feeling this way ourselves at times.

If you have any questions why not get in touch with the hair team at The Boutik who would love to give you any advice we can. If you want our feedback on an article or video then fire over the link and let us take a look. Our team will hopefully help you through lockdown as we all try to survive with our own forms of jungle hair in Plymouth.

Much Love x


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