The Importance of Patch Testing

We often get asked… ‘why do you patch test?’

In reply to our answer we are also told on the odd occasion that they ‘don’t need testing’ because ‘they’ve had the treatment before in another salon’ or that ‘they don't suffer from sensitive skin’.

Although sometimes it can be seen as an inconvenience, patch testing is very important for both the customer as well as the hair & beauty salon. Here at The Boutik we take the importance of patch testing seriously and thought we would share some information and thoughts on the subject. We’ve put together the following questions and answers regarding patch testing here at the salon.

Be safe this winter... everything you need to know about patch testing

Q. What treatments do you patch test for?

We patch test for the following treatments:

- Lash extensions
- Lash lift and tint
- Brow tint
- Lash tint
- Hair colour treatments

Q. How soon after a patch test is done can I have a treatments?

We have a policy 48 hours between the patch test being carried out and a treatment being administered within the salon. It is important to keep us updated if any issues or allergic reactions happen prior to your appointment.

Q. What if I refuse to have a patch test?

It’s simple… we won’t treat any customer at The Boutik salon without have a patch test carried out by a qualified member of our team.

Q. What do I do if I have had a patch test but still suffer from a reaction?

We advise all customer to seek medical advice immediately. When suitable we ask you to contact the salon to update us on the reaction so that we can support you with any further advice.

Each member of the team has salon specific insurance to cover both you and them in case of an issue. For this insurance to be valid we have to patch test. Again this is for your protection as much as ours.

Example patch test reaction found online

(Example patch test reaction found online)

Q. What if I attend an appointment without a patch test?

Here at The Boutik Salon we have procedures in place to stop this from happening. If you are a new customer you will be asked when making your appointment what previous treatments you have had and arrangements will be made for a patch test appointment.

Q. How does a patch test work and how long does it take?

A patch test appointment takes no longer than 10 minutes of your time. Once you have had a patch test using our salon products you are then free to continue with that treatment.

If the salon decides to adjust the products it uses for specific treatments then a new patch test will be required. We would inform you of any up-and-coming changes to product well in advance of any appointments.

The patch test is carried out by one of our qualified team members at The Boutik Salon. If it is for a hair appointment then then a qualified hair stylist will carry out the appointment, likewise if its a beauty treatment then a beauty therapist will carry out the test.

If a therapist, stylist or salon are not patch testing you before your appointment then you really need to ask yourself ‘is it worth the risk’? As a business we would really question their professional integrity.

If you have any questions and would like some more advice or information please do not hesitate to contact a member of our salon team.


Eyelash extensions. Patch test required.


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