Skin Booster Treatments

Skin boosters are an injectable treatment that is designed to deliver deep skin hydration & rejuvenation.

Skin booster treatments are micro injections of dermal filler or Hyaluronic acid serums that are injected deep in to the layers of the skin. Skin booster treatments help with deep skin hydration, improves skin elasticity, tone & texture, stimulates collagen production & helps restore skins natural luminosity. Skin booster treatments are perfect to nourish, deeply hydrate & repair ageing skin.


Skin Hydration

Leaves the skin feeling & looking refreshed & plumped, with added hydration the skin will look firmer and smoother. 

Skin booster

Skin Elasticity

Togther  with added hydration, this treatment will give you the feeling of enhanced elasticity, a firmer and more youthful glow. Wrinkles will be reduced and the skin will look more even and toned. 

Skin booster

Skin Luminosity

Skin booster treatments work to restore the skins natural luminosity & radiance. After only one treatment you will notice your skin to be brighter, more luminous and this effect is only heightened as you continue along you treatment course.

Skin booster


Results will be visible immediately and carry on working after the treatment.
Result’s can last up to one year after 3 sessions have been completed.
Treatments are carried out once every 3 weeks.
A consultation is required before this treatment to determine which is the best product for your skin concerns.

Single Treatment
3x Treatment Offer


Eco Friendly

We ensure all our products are eco-friendly so you can relax in the knowledge that we’re conscious and caring about our planet.

100% Natural

We only use 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients on your skin which help to lock in moisture and promote a wonderful healthy glow.

Cruelty Free Products

Animal lovers can rest assured that none of our products are tested on animals. We are proud to be a cruelty-free beauty salon.

British Brands

We love to support our fellow British beauty brands, so we always do our utmost to ensure we’re buying from UK suppliers.

Safe Space

We always go the extra mile with everything we do, so you’ll enjoy a safe and welcoming space to fully unwind and relax at our dedicated beauty spa.

Anti-Ageing Experts

Our team of anti-ageing experts are on hand to help you look and feel your very best. If you want to refresh and revitalise your skin, we’re here to help.

Customer Love!

I recently had my lips done by Abigail using the no needle and they look amazing. It's less painful than the needle lip filler I have had previously and they look just as good. My lips took 48hrs to heal and I had a few small bruises but I was warned this may happen and the balm that I was provided really helped. I'm so excited to have fuller lips that look really good and my partner loves them as well. I will definitely be back for top-ups with the team!
Becci - Facebook
I had my eyebrows done last month by Holly and can honestly say I wouldn't go anywhere else now!! I've been having my brows done for over 8 years and yet my experience with Holly was so different to all my previous appointments with other technicians! I wasn't in any pain at all, Holly talks you through everything and makes sure you're always happy and go away smiling. I love my new brows so much and can't recommend her highly enough!!
Bow Peng - Facebook

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